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Development History

Development History
  • 2.Shentong Machinery Development Course ...

    →2005.01 Thermal Characteristics Laboratory was built up. →2005.10 Gained the produce & research license of arm equipment. →2006.01 Annex the Hongzheng Special Equipment Co., Ltd.Ownned the license for producingⅠ&Ⅱ class pressure vessels. →2007.03 Sign an agreement of European agent & global service with PSB.
  • 3.Shentong Machinery Development Course ...

    →2007.05 The long-term strategics relationship was established with Wilh. Welhelsmen AS. →2007.10 Xindong production base--Nantong Huacheng Ship Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. was put into service. →2008 Pass the audit of “Contract Responsibility Unit”of GDA of PLA. →2009.02 In 2009.2,Work station of Wen Xueyou Academician in Shentong with CSIC was erected. →2009.09 Pass joint review of ...
  • 4.Shentong Machinery Development Course ...

    →2009.10 Built engineering and technical centers and allowed the city-level “high-tech enterprises”. →2010.02 In 2012.2,we got the honor of technology enterprise of JiangSu Province. →2010.08 In 2010.8,we set up environment protect equipment technology center of JiangSu Province. →2011.03 In2011.3,We got the honor of innovate enterprise of JiangSu Province.
  • 5.Shentong Machinery Development Course ...

    →2011.06 In 2011.6,new heat exchanger test center was put into service. →2011.10 In 2011.10,the new experiment base was built in Haimen. →2012.10 In 2012.10,our company was renamed as Jiangsu Nantong Shengtong Machinery Co.,Ltd. →2013.10 In 2013.10,our company bought 80 mu land to built production base in Chenqiao development zone.
  • 1.Shentong Machinery Development Course ...

    →1992.7.1 Nantong Shentong Machinery Works was established. →1997 Move to the current place and enter shipbuilding industry entirely. Plate Heat Exchanger was developedsuccessfully. →2002.06 Got the Factory Type Approval for Ⅱclass pessure vessel of BV、DNV、ABS、LR. →2004.02 Got the quality system certification of GJB9001A-2001 issued by Xinshidai Quality System.




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    Jiangsu Nantong shentong Machinery Co., Ltd.

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